About Us

Hi there!
I am Natalie from Indiana, and you are now visiting my testing software blog. Let me introduce myself and tell you a bit more about this page.

I am 28 years old, I live in a small Indiana town. I can’t imagine my life without dancing and sport, but the blog you’re reading now is my top priority. I have loving parents, little sister and two beautiful cats. My favorite book is The World of The Wars by H.G. Wells, and I’m still a bit afraid of the aliens. I believe in humanity and technological progress.

Psi-soft blog was born out of my sheer interest in information technologies and innovations. When I was sixteen, I watched the Matrix trilogy and decided to learn more about the information era we’re all living in. It started with reading and following the bright minds of the IT world, and in a year or so I decided to take software testing courses. The courses left me even more enthusiastic about my PC and iPhone and their hidden potential, but I was still too inexperienced to go into software testing business. Creating a blog seemed like a perfect solution!

Now, after years of blogging, I feel more confident than ever and work on expanding its team and the services it offers. Besides professional software testing, there is a set of services on UI/UX testing & consulting. You can not only get my expert opinion on the functionality of your app, our team will also provide you with research data on its design, performance, and effectiveness. Being user oriented is the number one priority in the world of today, and Psi-soft is here to help you to do it professionally.

Hello everyone!
I’m Roman, a writer and a software testing specialist for this wonderful blog. Let me tell you a few facts about me.

I am 26, I’m a graduate of Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering and a professional architect, but software testing has been my passion since the early years of the smartphone era. When I work on my architectural projects, I work hard to optimize and computerize it to the fullest. I also have experience of working at UI/UX testing & consulting enterprise. My main hobbies are Formula-1 Championship and playing table games with my friends. I’m a Dungeons&Dragons guru, and I think this game deserves its own blog. But for now, I’m a bit busy here :)

I’ve been reading Psi-soft blog for a while before I wrote to Natalie offering my help. I thought Natalie was a great software testing specialist, but she was a little bit unconfident about expanding her blog on UI/UX testing & consulting services. We started working together, and it came out splendidly! Notwithstanding being in different parts of the world, we look in the same direction and understand our mission perfectly. I believe that this blog will soon gain even more popularity and I will make everything to help it evolve. If you want to get a personal consultation from me, please reach me on my Facebook.

Please feel free to write us if you want to get a comprehensive professional analysis of your products. The services will not cost you as much as consulting with the giants of the testing industry, but you will get a reliable consulting from the two biggest software nerds you’ve ever met.