As you can see, I write about the IT issues that can be useful for a large audience. I look for the topics that are interesting for me as well as for people that are not IT-obsessed.

As I am totally absorbed with software testing, I’d like to share my results in this field with my followers. I also offer advertisement options on my blog: I can test out and write a review of your app on my blog.

Software testing + copywriting

As a software tester and review copywriter I rely on:

  • Strong manual mobile testing experience of native applications (iOS and Android);
  • Understanding of the IOS and Android platforms and ecosystem;
  • Ability to monitor incoming data and introduce errors if needed;
  • Ability to anticipate and address all possible edge case scenarios;
  • Experience testing APIs;
  • Strong understanding of QA practices;
  • Strong communication skills.

You can order the app review for:

  • Android App;
  • iPhone App;
  • iPad App;
  • Windows Mobile App;
  • Web Application;
  • Facebook Application;
  • Other Mobile.

The price depends on quantity and complexity of your order.

Priority review
Featured review
Package Review (5 Reviews)

Terms and conditions

  • Generally, it takes 3 to 10 days to get a review published;
  • You’ve got to submit as much as possible details about your app by filling a form, that I will send to your contact email;
  • Payment accepted: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal.

To get the review of your app published directly on my blog, you should order an Advertising package. In this case, the price for a review would differ:

Priority review
Featured review
Package Review (5 Reviews)

These are the prices for 2-weeks locating on my website. If you like to prolong this term, every 5 days of prolongation would cost $ 10.

Advertisement placement on a profile site is an effective method of attracting a new audience. Explaining your potential customers all the opportunities and benefits of your product is my main goal in advertising service.