About Me

Hi there!
I am Natalie from Indiana. And you are now visiting a testing software blog of the ballerina. Sounds strange, isn’t it? Let me introduce myself and write a bit about this bizarre connection.

Since I’ve become 6 years old I started to attend ballet lessons. It lasted for ten years, and everybody thought, I would definitely become a ballerina. As for me, I also didn’t have any doubts about the issue.

But then my preferences suddenly changed. When I was 16 I started reading a lot about information technologies and innovations brought by technic in our lives. I can’t exactly say what pushed me to refer to this topic. Maybe the iPhone era influenced me so much or The Matrix movie (the first part of which released in the year I was born) with all its sequels. No matter what was the initial reason, but the consequences were significant. I decided to combine my ballet classes with software testing courses.

Now I’m 19 and know really a lot about software testing. I still attend ballet classes, prepare for entering colleague, and in my free time take orders on testing different applications.

To conclude my CV I wrote 10 random facts about me:

  1. I was born in Indiana in 1999, and have lived there since.
  2. My favorite movie ever is The Matrix (1999).
  3. My favorite movie about ballet is Suspiria (1977).
  4. I really love sandwiches, though I have to keep on healthy eating all of my life.
  5. I have a little sister Emily, she never misses my dance performances.
  6. I’m a bit obsessed with optimizing my smartphone, and always think there is some more hidden potential I don’t use.
  7. I love traveling with my family on summer vacations.
  8. I review apps on this blog.
  9. I’m still afraid of the aliens (though I’m rather old to be scared of such things).
  10. My favorite book is The World of The Wars by H.G. Wells.

So here I am, a testing software ballerina. And here is my personal blog that is dedicated to my favorite occupation – software testing. Feel free to write me, if you want your app to be tested and to get a review on it. On profitable terms, you can get software testing + copywriting service and advertising service as well. With the help of them, you would get more people interested in your product and increase its popularity within the target audience.